• We wanted to meet the children and conduct the fun-filled activities with them. But due to pandemic situation has arisen and we couldn’t conduct any activity with them in school. There was a beautiful idea to keep the children occupied doing activity along with their classmates virtually.
  • We had two rounds of fun-filled activity with children virtually. First round was held on 21/8/2020. Initially we named it “Get Set Go”; children were excited since it was new to them and made activities in such a way that they used the house hold items to use for the fun activity.
  • We used channa dal to create a border, inflated balloon for writing number, plastic ruler to stack 1 rupee coins holding it in their mouth, match sticks to make geometrical patterns and in an A4 sheet they wrote the states of India.
  • Children were being really fast as we had a timer and pushing them to finish within 60 seconds. Some of them were eating the channa dal and used their faster skills to create a border in using different dal and finished the activity within the time limit
  • From the first round many children were eliminated and there were 15 children selected for the second round of the activity.
  • While they entered the second round the children were aware that the activity was called the “Minute to Win it”, it was held on 4/9/2020.
  • Children were looking forward to know the activities chosen for the second round; we had 6 activities planned for them.
  • The materials used were tie, newspaper, water colours, L-shaped pasta, and plastic ruler.
  • Children were asked to tie the tie-knot several times in a minute. It was exciting for the children, few were struggling to tie it even once where the others were easily used a single knot and wanted to win.
  • We had told the children to paint their palm and print it on a newspaper several times and they should paint their palm every time they print. This was the best fun-filled the students enjoyed and they printed the maximum of 16 prints in the newspaper.
  • The other activity where the children were asked to build a tower using newspaper without sticking them and to measure the tower by the end of 60seconds.  It was real fun to see the children measure their tower using ruler. But unfortunately, none of them could make their tower stand for few seconds.
  • Last but not the least it was a tongue-twister. The children were asked to say “A Happy Hippo Hopped and Hiccupped”. This was hilarious and everyone wanted to say as many times they could in a minute.

Children enjoyed  all the activities and wanted to have more of fun filled activities .