About NPS Kalkere

We offer academic, sporting, co-curricular and personal development programmes that afford students every opportunity to grow in knowledge, self-confidence, skill and understanding.


Well-ventilated and spacious class rooms make for a pleasant learning experience, the audio visual facility in every class room, enriches learning experience. The size of the class room and the seating arrangement makes it easy for teachers to give individual attention to every student in the classes.


Well-ventilated and spacious class rooms make for a pleasant learning experience, the audio visual facility in every class room, enriches learning experience.


Physics Laboratory is an open laboratory to cater to inter-disciplinary experimentation. The lab is equipped with instruments that allow structural experimentation by students. It allows gaining hands on experience with instruments and apparatus that affords them unfettered opportunity to experiment. It is indeed a wonderful resource unit of the school. Physics Laboratory at NPS- Kalkere is a well-organized, and a wonderful resource unit of the school.


The school has a spacious and a well-equipped Chemistry Laboratory. The laboratory has a wide range of chemicals and apparatus that help in enriching the learning of the students. Students get hands-on experience while performing experiments. Under the guidance of teachers, students not only learn concepts related to the subject but they also develop observation, analytical and logical skills. Students are provided opportunities to undertake projects outside their curriculum in the class.


At NPS Kalkere we believe that learning is by doing. We have two well-equipped laboratories, junior and senior school labs. A spacious laboratory for our senior school has different preserved specimens, a wide range of permanent slides, light microscopes, models of the brain, sense organs, and human skeleton. In addition, we have excellent facilities for the students of Grades 9 -12, to get hands-on experience in performing different experiments such as temporary mount/slide preparations, chemical analysis of food samples, testing water samples for microbes, observing pollen germination, paper chromatography, study of osmosis etc. The Biology laboratory with its wide range of equipment, specimens and models serves as an excellent platform for learning and experimentation.


The school has a dedicated auditorium. The auditorium is fully air conditioned and is equipped with the latest audio-visual facilities. The auditorium comes to life during important functions, competitions, class assemblies and other inter-school and intra school activities. The stage helps the students to showcase their extra-curricular talents. There is no gainsaying that prowess in extra-curricular activities are essential for a student’s all-round development.


“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.” -Brenda Ueland
The walls of the Art Room are vibrant and colourful. Paintings made by the students and teachers bring life and colour to the room. Students are introduced to different forms of art like Madhubani, Gond Warli etc. by highly accomplished Art teachers.


The school offers counseling for students as and when required. The Counselor observes the students in various environments and decides on behavioral guidance on a case to case basis.


Dance teachers help students find a song in their heart, the beat in their feet and a passion for life. Dance is a much loved activity at NPS Kalkere and an excellent stress buster for the students. The dance room is the wellspring from where talents begin to bloom. Students learn various forms of dance like the Free style, Folk dance, and Bharatnatyam.


Healthcare room in the school provides first-aid and care to students when required. The room has three beds with basic medical facilities. A qualified school nurse provides first aid and medical care to students who, while in school, suddenly take ill.


Mathematics can be intimidating with seemingly unintelligible symbols and notations. NPS Kalkere makes learning Mathematics fun. We believe that children need to first make sense of the world around them and develop number sense and spatial sense before they can successfully grasp the concepts of Mathematics. It is with this idea that NPS Kalkere initiated its Math lab facility where learning Mathematics takes place through activities. The Math Lab helps in developing the habits of critical thinking and logical reasoning. Complex theoretical concepts become clear because concepts go hand-in-hand with practical implementation. The Math Lab kindles interest in learning Mathematics because theoretical knowledge can be related to students’ activities in everyday life.


The music room provides an environment that is conducive to learning and appreciation of music. The variety of musical instruments including African instrument Djembe present in the room affords opportunity to the students to bring their talents to fruition. Alongside learning to sing and play instruments, the primary school students get a glimpse of variety of musical influences through videos of great artists. They are also given a brief history of bands and genres. The school rock band practices and hones its skill in this room.


Learning to read is one of the most important skills children can develop. The Reading Programme has a collection of over 1000 books. It covers a wide range of subjects, both fiction and nonfiction. The books are graded into levels and there is a gradual progression in terms of style, structure and vocabulary. In the Reading Programme we try to stimulate the reading habit of students.


The resource room is a separate educative environment, similar to a designated classroom. Teachers include a resource room activity in their regular lesson plan. It enhances the quality of teaching by adding a fun component.


It is equipped with numerous wall maps, models, charts and other teaching aids to enhance the learning process. The room also has audio-visual facility which makes learning of Social Science in school truly interesting.


The Indoor games facility at NPS Kalkere provides the students an opportunity to unwind from the rigors of their academic schedules. The room has outdoor sports and pastime like table-tennis and chess.


A play area helps students to rejuvenate and intermingle. The Jungle Gym at NPS Kalkere is a play structure for students in the Primary Grades. It is outdoor recreational equipment that includes swing sets and slides. The area helps children to develop physical coordination, strength and flexibility. The gym provides recreation and enjoyment.