English Recitation

The poem is meant for enjoyment. Beauty is the realm of poetry, children’s beauty of expression, thoughts, feelings, got an opportunity to rhyme, rhythm, and music of words.

Taking all these considerations, students of Grade 3 to 5 exhibit their talent and confidence. Students choose a variety of topics for the first round with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

The first round of competition was conducted by the class teachers of Grade 3to 5, roughly 5/6 students from each section were selected for the next round. Students were given 2 minutes of time to recite their poems. The selection was based on mainly four criteria’s-1) Pronunciation 2) Pitch & Pace 3) Appropriate Expression 4) Overall Performance

The final round of the competition was conducted on 4.09.2020. The judges for the event were Ms.Metilda, Ms. Smitha S, Ms. Sangeetha R & Ms. Nithyashree. There were 30 participants in the final round and the topic given was “Nature”. Students recited their poems confidently.  The judges were extremely happy and appreciated and applauded the performance of each participant. Students enjoyed the competition to the fullest.