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Parents seeking admission to National Public School, Kalkere, for various classes are requested to register online with the following documents attached.

Copy of Birth Certificate or Aadhaar card attested by both the parents, as applicable.
Copy of last 3 years academic progress report from the previous school.

The completed registration forms should be downloaded and submitted along with all necessary documents at the school Reception on all working days between 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm (Third Saturday will be a holiday). A requisite fee of Rs 750/- must be paid online. The requisite fee is non-refundable.

Incomplete forms will be Rejected.

A large number of parents seek admission to National Public School, Kalkere. We would like to inform every parent that we have very limited seats available. As per the policy and directive of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), we have the following guidelines for admission. Even the department of education follows the same.

1.The first priority is for siblings. Applications from siblings are usually more than twice the number of seats available.

2.The second priority is for children of our teachers and other staff members.

3.Priority for admission is also listed for alumni of our school. As you are aware, NPS has been functioning since 1959. Children of the alumni group are also many.

4.The next preference is for the nationally mobile group, including central services and other transferable services of India.

5.There is also another category of people who are internationally mobile coming from schools outside India. Bangalore is seeing a large number of this migratory group who are seeking admission to NPS.

6.Now the government prioritizes admission for minorities from different states of India to promote national integration.

7.Admissions to Grades I to IX will depend on the vacancies likely to arise on account of withdrawal due to parents’ transfer.

8.To have an effective teaching learning process, we limited class strength. Considering the limited number of seats available, it is expected that those who seek admission will realize and understand the constraints the institution faces. The disappointment of not getting admission should not become a matter of unhappiness among parents.

9.Exerting any influence for admission directly or indirectly will be a disqualification.


1) Registration for admission does not ensure an admission. Admission is granted on merit only. Entrance test for classes I to IX is conducted before granting admission.

2) An annual fee increase of 10 to 15 Percent is effective to offset the increasing expenditure by way of salary, maintenance and material expenditure. National Public School is a private self-financing institution.

3) If an intimation is not received, it should be presumed that there is no vacancy during the year and no separate intimation is sent to the candidates not selected

4) Any direct or indirect influence will entail outright rejection of such applications and all incomplete applications will also be rejected

5) School fee once paid is non-refundable.

6) Age criteria:
For Grade 1 is 5 Years 10 Months


Students are required to take an entrance test which will be based on the previous year's portions.


Montessori and KG

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6

Class 7

Class 8

Class 9


No entrance tests

English, Mathematics

English, Kannada, Hindi, Mathematics

English, Kannada, Hindi, Mathematics

English, Kannada, Hindi, Mathematics

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Kannada

English, 2nd Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science

English, 2nd Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science

English, 2nd Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science

English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi

For Montessori and KG, there will be an interaction of parents and student.

Note to parents:

Kindly ensure that your child has a good breakfast, carries all the required material with him/her and arrives on time. There is no special preparation to be done for the test.

For any admission related queries, please reach us at admissions@npskalkere.com.

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