Reading Week

Reading and sharing stories helps the child get to know sounds, words, and language, develop literary skills.......sparks the child’s imagination, and stimulates curiosity.

The highlight of the English Reading Week at National Public School, Kalkere, was the enthusiastic participation by the entire family of every child. The families were encouraged to discuss at leisure amongst themselves – the warp and weft of the assigned stories with their children; create a pictorial story wall on the door of any room in their house and post their pictures !!!

Reading week that commenced on 27/7/20 witnessed a grand closing ceremony on 30/7/20 with students reciting poems, dressing as characters from books, talking about various literary genres of writing, and presenting book reviews. A surprise for the students was the “author visit”.

Ms. Varsha Seshan, a children’s author with 19 titles to her credit, graced the occasion, sharing lively moments of her trajectory from a child writer to a well-renowned litterateur. Winner of many awards shortlisted for Scholastic Asian Book awards, the eminent author went furthermore to answer all the students’ queries and mentored them towards developing the craft of writing and inspired them to pursue their ardent desire to weave their thoughts into colorful stories/poems.


The first day of Reading Week at National Public School, Kalkere marked the opening of a week of exciting activities that were conducted. E-books were shared with the students on the 20th of July, 2020. This gave them sufficient time to prepare for the activities.

Mrs.Shyla Purushotham, our Principal addressed the students on why reading is important. The teachers also took the students through a PowerPoint Presentation which had a lovely video on reading and discussed about books, reading, and their importance in our lives.

This was followed by an activity. Grades 3 to 5 made Book Marks and Grades 6 to 8 made Posters for the Reading Week. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They made some beautiful Book Marks and Posters. The creativity, artistic skills, and innovation was very evident in their work.

It was a wonderful experience as all this happened online – The New Normal.

Though there is a saying that one should never judge a book by its cover, there is no denying the fact that the first element that attracts us to a book is the title and cover. So, we thought we shall explore this side of creativity and imagination.

The third day of the Reading Week saw National Public School, Kalkere Students' design cover pages for books. The members of the school leadership team visited the classes of grades 3-5 and read out some interesting stories to the children. The students, then, designed some beautiful cover pages for the stories. These were a representation of their imagination. We can proudly say that our little children came up with some amazing pieces of art.

The same activity was conducted a little differently for grades 6-8. Our students were given a set of ten words and based on these words, they came up with a storyline and designed some truly appealing cover pages. They also gave catchy and fascinating titles to their stories. We were amazed to see how creative our students can be.

It was indeed an activity-filled with joy… joy of building a stairway to the imagination.