Picnic Solace Resort - Grade 3 & 4

Class picnic – Grade III, IV – 24.01.2020


It was on 24th January 2020 that the students of grade 3 & 4 of section A & B went for a picnic. As the word describes itself it was no doubt a day filled with the laughter, joy and exhilaration. The students assembled at the school ground and boarded the bus by 8.15 AM their excitement saw no boundaries as they enjoyed the bus journey. After reaching the resort, the students had their breakfast and went about exploring the place as it was serene and had beautiful gardens.

Later the students were divided into two groups and each group was allotted a playground to play cricket, football and other games.

The students also saw magic show and were overwhelmed by the tricks of the magician.


With all this fun the day had come to an end and we departed from the place at 2.15 PM with memories they are going to cherish.